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Studio Documentation

Drawing from Sculpture


I have been visiting museums to make drawings from sculptures so that I can become familiar with the figure in mediums other than oil. I choose sculptures or rather figures that capture the baroque sense of light and dark that I am interested in encapsulating in my paintings. 

Considering the Painting as a Tapestry

I have been experimenting with the canvas material to enhance my painting's quality as a tapestry. I attempted pulling and fraying the tiny 7.5 by 10cm canvas for my miniature work and it became somewhat like a rug or a traditional wall hanging. I had the idea to fray the edges of my canvas at the end of its production, and didn't consider how difficult it would be to pull the threads because I had applied clear gesso to the edges of the canvas and it hardened and fused the fibres. If I fray canvas in the future I would set an outline for where I want to apply gesso to avoid this happening. 

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