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Deep Chaos Within

In this unit I finished my large scale work after 5 months. I completed the figures and took a risk with applying a dark glaze to the patterned background. The glaze achieved this idea that I had been think about of a sheer veil that separates the figures from their illusionary background. Although I think the glaze works to achieve this, on a practical level I would not do it again as it is difficult to show because of the glare. The one part of this work that happened somewhat spontaneously was the beams of light that stream onto the high points of the figures. I think including this element added to the the painting's dramatisation of the psychological space, having some parts that make sense, and some that are impossible. 

Working Title: Liminal Entity

This painting developed on a material level before I actually considered what the content. I knew I wanted to lean in to this idea that my paintings were taking on the quality of a tapestry, being that they were free hanging, incorporating patterns, and telling stories. I began by fraying the edges, and then I braided and sealed the ends. 

This work in progress is an exploration of using the canvas as metaphor for a psychological space and also a liminal space between reality and a dream. 


Trapped behind, and on the other side. 

With this painting I wanted to try and get across this idea of an invisible barrier between a person and the world around them, a sort of displacement.  

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